Endemic from boardroom to shop floor, Airbase UK Interiors is driven by 3 key pillars:

Quality –

Our customers will never receive a product beyond its required date.

We achieve this through 100% end of line inspection, coupled with clearly scoped and developed projects that involve our customer at every stage of design. At Airbase we pride ourselves on right first time and a defined continuous improvement program incorporating all operatives that always strives to be better. Our Operations Director Edward Dyer is well versed in the Black Belt, Lean 6 Sigma approach to quality from his background in Automotive production and this ethos is rolled out across the production process. This is measured through our First Time Pass Rate key performance indicator where we target greater than 99% of products pass our end of line inspection.

Reliability –

Our customer will never see a fault.

We achieve this through constant updating and communication with customers & a proactive planning approach managed by our in-house Master Production Schedule and a clear understanding of our processes and the related timings. Additionally we maintain a strong relationship with suppliers to help control costs and reduce material lead-times. These relationships are maintained by our account managers and customer requirements planners who are always on call to answer customer queries and provide you updates to progress. We understand that things change and we will be as flexible as production allows when things do. This is measured through our On Time In Full KPI, where we measure goods shipped on time to promise date.

Design Excellence –

Our processes add value, reduce cost & provide excellent passenger satisfaction.

We achieve this through proactive and collaborative project management. Working closely with customers to fully scope design projects, our in-house design team will work to make our customers specifications a reality. Whether the project goal is to reduce costs, increase comfort, improve functionality or to contribute to the onboard health and safety experience, our design team have expertise in EPA design and are available to attend hangars globally in order to help our customers fully specify the cabin design, coupled with our wide-range of material supplier contacts we can offer the best solution for your requirement. We have many contacts within 21J organisations who can help us to sign off drawings and achieve modification to enable wide-ranging cost reduction measures. All of this will be fully project managed by your Account Manager, providing you with regular feedback and progress reporting. This is measured by our Completion to Schedule KPI, where we target 100% completion to customer defined timeline.

These 3 tenets are underpinned by a love of what we do, a desire to provide best in class customer service and a desire to add value at every opportunity. We pride ourselves on being experts in the manufacturing process and believe through our efficiency and interactivity, we can provide true value to our customers.